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Inviting a Foreign Visitor

Any HSE subdivision/department may invite a foreign visitor (a scholar/faculty member/researcher, intern or student). To obtain a Russian visa, foreign citizens need a visa invitation, which can be issued:

  • by the Federal Migration Service for Moscow;
  • by HSE (on an HSE letterhead) – this option is only available for certain categories of visas and only to citizens of specific countries (e.g., USA, Japan, India, China, Iran and EU countries, except for the UK and Ireland). Please consult with us to check if an HSE letterhead invitation can be issued in your case.

Prepare the Application

The HSE host subdivision/department is responsible for preparing the application and all attachments for obtaining a visa invitation.

Please follow these steps to prepare the application:

  • Forward a questionnaire to be completed in English to the foreign visitor:

 Annex 1 (DOCX, 13 Кб)

  • Fill in an application in Russian, based on the details provided in the questionnaire:  

   Annex 2 (DOC, 45 Кб)

  • Prepare attachments to the application:

а)  A scanned copy of the visitor’s passport (page with bio and photograph):

  1. Please provide a clear and readable copy with a clearly visible photograph. The foreign visitor’s passport must be valid for at least 6 (SIX) months following the expiry date on his/her Russian visa. If you plan to invite a foreign student/intern (who will need to obtain a student visa) or a faculty member/researcher (who will need to obtain a work visa), their passports must be valid for at least 18 (EIGHTEEN) months from the starting date of their Russian visa;
  2. At least 4 empty 2-page openings must be left in the passport;

b)  If the foreign visitor needs a multiple-entry visa (for 6-12 months), please also attach a scan of his/her most recent Russian visa;

c)  If the foreign visitor is a citizen of a migration risk country and will be applying for a Russian visa outside of his/her home country, please also provide a copy of the residence permit/visa for his/her country of residence, as well as an original notarized translation of this document in Russian. Please note that this residence permit/visa must be valid for at least 6 (SIX) months following the expiry date of the visitor’s Russian visa; 

d)  If you plan to apply for a visa invitation for the foreign visitor’s family members (spouse and children), please also provide an apostilled copy of marriage/birth certificate(s), as well as an original notarized translation of these documents.


Submit the Application

Please forward a scanned copy of the completed application (in Russian) and all attachments to visa-registration@hse.ru. One of our staff members will send you a reply to confirm the receipt of documents and advise you when the visa invitation will be ready.


Fees and Payments

The standard processing fee for a visa invitation charged by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow is 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED) roubles. Please contact us at visa-registration@hse.ru to get more information about fees, methods of payment and bank details (current bank details as of February 6, 2017).

Processing Time for Visa Invitations

The average processing time for visa invitations issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is up to 60 calendar days. For humanitarian visas, invitations may be issued free of charge within 5-10 working days; please note that this option is only available to EU citizens (not including UK and Ireland) and certain categories of citizens of China, India and Japan. Furthermore, make sure to contact us in advance so as to avoid delays in processing.


Send the Invitation to the Foreign Visitor

Our staff members will inform you by e-mail, once the visa invitation is ready. You can collect the original invitation at the HSE Visa and Registration Centre. Please forward the original/pdf copy of the invitation to the foreign visitor, so that he/she can apply for a Russian visa. Russian consulates either accept original invitations or their scans depending on their internal policy, so please make sure to double-check in advance.



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